Rubberized Shingle Roofing

Finally you'll never have to compromise performance for the beauty of a laminate shingle. The rubberized shingle is a truly revolutionary laminate shingle that combines the strength of SBS "rubber" modified technology with designer appeal. SBS "rubberized" asphalt endows the rubberized shingle the resilience to protect your home or building from the worst that Mother Nature has to offer. It also offers the protection of Class 4 Impact Resistance which often reduces homeowner insurance rates. The rubberized shingle is the strongest, most flexible laminate shingle in the market today.

There are several reasons why you should consider a Rubberized Shingle Roof:
  • Investment
    Avoid costs of re-roofing and repairs
  • Warranty
    50 year limited warranty, Transferable, 10 year non-prorated
  • The ZONE
    Uniquely designed, rubberized shingles have a nailing zone that is 5X wider than other manufacturers which help prevent water infiltration and gives a much more solid installation.
  • Beauty Year After Year
    For its beautiful appearance, the SBS modified asphalt is coated with the finest, color-fast ceramic roofing granules from 3M. This ensures that the vibrant color you have selected continues to look beautiful for decades to come.
  • Fire Resistant
    Class 'A' Fire rating
  • Environment
    By choosing a long lasting roof, you are helping keep more roofs from going in to our landfills.